(Criteria Checklist)
  1. Well known established brand with manufacturing base and history of more than 15 years in business in electricity industry.
  2. Aging ownership looking to exit.
  3. Revenues in excess of 5 million dollars per annum and market potential of greater than 50 million.
  4. Profitable.
  5. Supplies to a niche market and of strategic relevance to major industry players once developed.
  6. Potential to become number one or two supplier in that niche market.
  7. Opportunity to immediately grow revenues in excess of 15% per annum by any one or more of the following methods – expansion of product range, expansion of geographic market coverage, injection of more modern and/or efficient equipment, development and introduction of new product designs, introduction of new people.


(Criteria Checklist)
  1. Exclusive to the Electricity Industry.
  2. Require ownership of manufacturing.
  3. Are new to the industry and provide a solution to well known and existing problems experienced by the industry.
  4. Have potential sales in the Australian market alone in excess of 50 million dollars per annum.
  5. Have strong regional and global sales potential once proven in the Australian market.
  6. Once developed offer strategic interest to major industry players.
  7. Have patent or copyright protection for at least first five years of development.