Business Overview

Energy Technologies seeks to develop business opportunities in niche sectors of the electric power industry either by the introduction and manufacturing of innovative new products with market dominance potential due to their unique nature or by the acquisition of established but tired manufacturing brands that offer market dominance potential via a sustained turnaround and the infusion of new ideas, people and capital. In both cases the company follows strict investment criteria and relies on the proven experience of its management and advisory team to determine which products or companies it should develop and how such development should take place.

Energy Tech has a 100% ownership of Bambach Wire and Cables Pty Ltd – a manufacturer of low voltage copper insulated cables, and a strategic holding in Dulhunty Poles Pty Ltd – a manufacturer of fiber reinforced cement distribution poles. It also owns 100% of Cogenic Pty Ltd a development company focused on the renewable energy sector.

Energy Technologies investment focus is the electric power industry which encompasses not only the delivery of electricity to households but also the provision of electricity to all industrial applications from manufacturing through to infrastructure, defence and beyond.

The company has simple but clear investment criteria to which it adheres.
Energy Technologies Ltd is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:EGY). The company is essentially a holding company for standalone manufacturing businesses operating in the electric power industry.
Energy Technologies Ltd constitution covers its shareholders rights and the responsibilities of the company’s Directors and Management.