A manufacturing investment group focused on the energy sector and in particular the electric power industry.
Energy Technologies Ltd (ASX: EGY) is an investment company focused on investment in Australian based manufacturing companies in the energy sector and in particular in areas of industry engaged in the supply and / or use of electric power.

The company currently holds 100% of Bambach Wire and Cables Pty Ltd a specialist manufacturer of low voltage insulated copper cable and a strategic stake in Dulhunty Poles Pty Ltd a specialist manufacturer of fibre reinforced cement, electricity distribution poles and Cogenic Pty Ltd, which is focused on developments in the renewable energy sector.

The company has positioned itself to be at the vanguard of a resurgence in Australian manufacturing on the back of increased State and Federal Government Infrastructure and Defence spending brought on by a rapid growth in population and a changing geopolitical landscape. It also looks to a future when current reliance on fossil fuels for energy will dissipate in favour of a reliance on stored electricity sourced from renewable energy generation.
Energy Technologies is constantly seeking to identify acquisitions or new products for development in its preferred area of operations and plans to build on its current operations with the addition of further subsidiaries and investments over time.
The company has a successful track record in acquiring and developing strategic , standalone businesses in the electric power industry and has adopted a structure where the listed company holds ownership of operating businesses. This allows each company and brand to be developed in its own right with subsequent accrual of value giving flexibility in the development and or disposal of assets and thus substantial benefit to the listed entity.
The company constitution covers the rights of shareholders and the duties and responsibilities of Directors and Officers of the company.
Energy Technologies seeks to develop business opportunities in niche sectors of the electric power industry either by the introduction and manufacturing of innovative new products with market dominance potential due to their unique nature or by the acquisition of established but tired manufacturing brands that offer market dominance potential via a sustained turnaround and the infusion of new ideas, people and capital. Current investment:
Bambach Wire and Cables
Dulhunty Poles